We're launching on Product Hunt!
We're launching on Product Hunt!

Reply to your professional emails in 90% less time, seriously

Enhance email productivity with HarvyAI, #1 AI Email Assistant for professionals. Write personalized replies and stay in loop with contacts better, much faster

ChatGPT Powered

Native Email Interface

Browser Compatible

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Harvy makes email replying blazing fast, humanly

Harvy replies in context

HarvyAI can can write replies in context. You'll select tone(s) and hit generate button. You'll be amazed by the results 100%

HarvyAI demo

You can guide Harvy to write in your choice of tone

HarvyAI can be guided by you to write natural-sounding email replies. Type in your context in the prompt box and hit generate button. Harvy will assist you writing the perfect email, faster.

Harvy can write replies in multiple languages

HarvyAI can write replies in multiple languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Bengali, Hindi, Arabic... you name it. Harvy can match any language to keep your communication native!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Harvy read my emails?

Harvy does not have access to your emails. You can give it sample email data so that it can adapt to your style of writing. When responding to an email conversation, Harvy will read the previous messages in the thread to gather context and create a more relevant response

Which browsers are supported?

Harvy will be available on Chromium based browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera) for now, but we will start releasing in other browsers on rolling basis

What email clients are supported?

We'll start off with Gmail first on the email-based toolbar to generate replies, later on we'll be rolling out on other email clients periodically

Do I have to pay for HarvyAI?

Actually yes, training the AI and generating content does require a significant amount of computing power, which incurs costs. As a bootstrapped company, we have to cover these expenses. However, we promise to charge a fair, affordable price for our services.

How do I get technical supports?

Please reach out to hello@harvyai.com for any queries, suggestions or support!

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